REINER – jetStamp 1025

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The new jetStamp 1025 makes Inkjet marking even larger and simpler now. The jetStamp 1025 can print on products, packaging or documents on the go, quickly and individually up to an imprint height of 25 mm (1“) – with a single printing cartridge.

Large surfaces as on boxes, packaging or even pallets can be printed on in a single work step with an imprint width of up to 85 mm. The jetStamp 1025 marking device can save many imprints on a microSD-card in the device and sets virtually no limits to the user.

The diverse imprint range of the jetStamp 1025 includes, among others, 1-D- and 2-D-barcodes and these even freely adjustable as consecutive barcodes.

Two different ink types are available. Imprints can be made in many different surfaces this way: Paper, cardboard, wood, metal, plastics and fabric. Direct marking of industrial plastic and metal parts is also possible.