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Plantronics has announced that its VVX 250, 350 and 450 OBi Edition phones are the first IP phones certified for Google Voice.

The offering is a result of a new strategic alliance between Poly and Google Cloud to create integrated solutions for businesses that rely on Google Cloud’s G Suite with Google Voice.

The VVX x50 Series OBi Edition phones deliver a simple and cost-effective way for businesses to take advantage of Google Voice for G Suite. Google Voice customers will benefit from VVX x50 Series OBi Edition’s crystal-clear audio and its Polycom Acoustic Fence technology that eliminates noise and ensures echo-free conversations.

As one of the most flexible desk phones on the market, the VVX x50 Series OBi Edition phones are customisable down to the pixel to meet exact business specifications. Google Voice for G Suite uses Polycom Device Management Services for Service Providers (PDMS-SP) API as part of the device onboarding protocol, making it simple to assign desk phones to Google Voice for G Suite users.