Pentel Pointliner

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Pentel is adding a new pigment ink drawing pen to its Pentel Arts range.

Pointliner is the name of the new product, which comes in a choice of five tip sizes, from an ultra-fine 0.05mm, ideal for intricate detailing, to a 0.8mm, which is prefect for shading larger areas with ink.

Suitable for drawing, sketching, illustrating and everyday writing, Pointliner is ideal for a range of creative and craft projects.  Supplied with black pigment ink, which is ISO certified water-resistant and lightfast, Pointliner can also be used for outlining with a variety of water and dye-based media, such as paints and colour pens.

The robust tip withstands a great deal of downward pressure, and the ink flows steadily, maintaining a consistent line without smudging.