KCP WypAll Wettask Roll Wiper Dispenser System

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Launched as part of the Kimberly-Clark Professional 360 Hygiene & Protection programme, WypAll Wettask System is ideal for the disinfection of frequently touched surfaces.

The system enables the user to manage sheet saturation for maximum effectiveness. Users can customise each clean by adding to the bucket the wipe and disinfectant of their choice. They also control the strength and quantity of the disinfectant or sanitiser for optimum hygiene.

WypAll Wettask Roll Wiper Dispenser System is a hygienic option for any facility. With single-sheet dispensing, users only touch the sheet they use, from a fully enclosed system. Designed to reduce waste and costs, the portable, high-capacity system has 80% more sheets than the existing format requiring fewer refills. The bucket is completely reusable, reducing plastic waste compared to pre-saturated wipes. Furthermore, WypAll Wettask costs on average 60% less than pre-saturated wipes.

Colour coded tape is included in the system enabling users to clearly distinguish between different disinfectants or solutions for specific tasks.

The base sheet is textured for multi-surface disinfection and to reduce chemical evaporation meaning it does not dry out thereby lowering usage and costs. With 250 sheets a roll for longer refill intervals, the Wettask is suited to hygiene sensitive environments in all segments.

Hand-sized sheets and controlled single sheet dispensing make the system both easy to use and efficient.