HANNspree Portable Monitor

Detailed Information

The HANNspree range of portable monitors are ready for work or play on the fly. The new super-slim and lightweight 15.6-inch models need just one cable to create an instant dual-screen display.

Choose between a standard (HL161CGB) or multi-touch display (HT161CGB) to extend the mobile workspace and stay productive. Among the lightest portable monitors on the market, these new HANNspree models make for easy handling and are perfectly proportioned for slipping into a travel bag.

A single Type-C USB 3.1 connector cable makes these monitors plug-and-play with almost any laptop or PC. Transferring data directly from the host and acting as an energy efficient power supply, this simple connection completely eliminates the need for additional media and power cables for optimal portability.



HANNspree’s portable monitors feature Full HD panels presenting superb color and contrast for a striking visual display. They also boast 170° viewing angles, ensuring a vivid picture from extreme viewing positions making them ideal for mobile group presentations. Furthermore, each new portable model includes a toughened hard glass cover which is highly durable to withstand the rigors of travelling, as well as protective of dust, dirt, condensation, liquid spills and cleaning solutions.

To unlock the power of today’s touch-enabled applications, the new HT161CGB portable monitor features a multi-touch display. Projected Capacitive Touch technology provides a smooth and accurate touch experience, with super-fast, sensitive touch responses and seamless dragging performance. Increasing interactivity, the HT161CGB responds to ten finger touch points meaning multiple users can collaborate or play at the same time.

HANNspree’s new portable monitor series includes an innovative, foldable smart case, which can also transform into a stand. These monitors also have stereo speakers on-board, so no need to lug around external speakers.