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Gunnebo presents a game-changing innovation: the EverydaySafe. Developed using world-class safe storage expertise, this ingenious security solution is a patented product.

It has been designed to flexibly and discreetly integrate into kitchen, bedroom or office furniture units alike, ensuring users’ valuable items are protected in a completely concealed manner and at the same time being easily accessible.

The EverydaySafe is conveniently accessible, yet completely hidden as neither a handle is needed, nor is the safe’s locking system visible. The forward-thinking biometric fingerprint scanner and mobile app provide both functionality and protection. This enables the EverydaySafe to be opened by the user in a few seconds, as well as providing an encrypted tracking of user activity.

Indistinguishable from standard drawers, cupboards or cabinets, the safe is a high-tech appliance that acts as an attractive addition to existing furniture designs. It adapts designs simply, subtly and safely, providing a multi-layered security system.

Not only does the EverydaySafe protect and safeguard against burglary of stored items such as passports, cash, jewellery and watches, it also provides a solution against copying credit card data or car keys via sophisticated high-tech theft devices.

The safe is equipped with an anchoring technology providing assurance against attempts to forcibly remove the safe from the furniture. The EverydaySafe is built with a certification security standard, ensuring trusted protection of its contents.

Opened using a mobile phone app or via biometric fingerprint identification, the EverydaySafe includes a signal-blocking Faraday cage to prevent car theft through remote access of your car key frequency.