Greenspeed Re-belle

Detailed Information

Greenspeed continues its focus on circular cleaning and has launched a fully circular microfibre cloth onto the market.

Re-belle consists of 100% recycled material and is 100% recyclable. The pioneering microfibre cloth combats waste in the cleaning industry and the polluting textile industry, a problem that is high on the political agenda.

Although Re-belle is different, it is certainly not inferior to the traditional microfibre cloth. On the contrary, the smartly designed microfibre cloth helps to tackle pollution in the textile industry and reduce CO2 emissions. 

Re-belle uses a circular cycle, resulting in as little waste as possible after frequent use, as waste is once again turned into raw materials in a circular economy. This is in line with the Circular Economy Action Plan adopted by the European Parliament in 2021, which contains strict measures for recycling textiles and material usage and consumption.

Re-belle helps to clean surfaces efficiently with a minimal amount of water thanks to its high-quality microfibres. The cloth also has a high cleaning capacity, high absorption and can be washed at least 500 times.