Greenspeed Lacto Des Multi Wipes

Detailed Information

Using traditional disinfectants isn’t always the best solution. The alcohol, quaternary ammonium and toxic VOCs it often contains, can irritate your skin, can damage your respiratory system and can be harmful for the environment. And although the hazard symbols warn you in advance to take certain precautions, an alternative without risk phrases would be ideal. Greenspeed has introduced Lacto Des with 100% plant based actives, perhaps most importantly, non-irritating disinfection spray.

Lacto Des is a ready-to-use disinfectant spray. It cleans and disinfects (PT2/PT4 – AL) surfaces in an instant, killing 99,99 % of bacteria* in five minutes. Being completely free of hazard symbols, alcohol and bleach, Lacto Des is based on lactic acid. It is (fully) biodegradable and its active ingredients are 100% plant based. The product can also be applied to food contact surfaces. In other words: it’s a plant based disinfectant focusing on the environment, the risks and the efficiency.

Lacto Des is now also available in a Multi Wipes pack for the preparation of disinfection wipes. With Multi Wipes and the Lacto Des 5L packaging, you can disinfect and clean all acid-resistant and water-resistant surfaces at the same time. It’s ideal for small items and contact surfaces such as a keyboard, door handle or coffee machine.

Registration number: EU-0006622-0018. 

Available in the Benelux, France, UK, Germany and Switzerland

* Bactericidal according to EN1276 & EN 13697 (5 min), levuricidal according to EN 1650 and EN 13697 (5 min) and virucidal (only tested against influenza virus A/H1N1) according to EN 14476 + A1 (5 min).