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Greenspeed has introduced a new line of the popular C-Shuttle on the professional cleaning market. This stylish cleaning trolley is literally a shining example in terms of sustainability, comfort and quality.

Users can customise the modular cleaning trolley to suit their individual needs and even add a personal touch with their own design.


The trolley’s most striking aspect is its modular character. In addition to the standard versions, the cleaning trolley can be custom-tailored to a specific task or application such as healthcare, offices and public buildings, schools, etc.

In addition to being practical, this also prolongs the life of the cleaning trolley because it can be used in a flexible manner. Moreover, the cleaning trolley consists of 90% recycled material (as opposed to 75% for its predecessor). And thanks to its sturdy base, an aluminium structure, double-walled panels and solid doors, the cleaning trolley remains agile, even with loads of up to 200 kg.

The new C-Shuttle also offers practical storage solutions and is lockable to keep documents and products safe. To add a personal touch the door panels can be customised with your own design or logo. And finally, there’s a choice of different mop systems: a top-down system with pre-impregnated mops, a two-bucket system with vertical press or the possibility of  pre-impregnation in the drawers of the trolley.