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Global Notes, a business unit of AMC, makes everyday life at the office and at home a little more colourful.

As a reaction to the increasing hygiene awareness and the growing demand of holistic hygiene concepts in the workplace, Global Notes has recently developed the world’s first antimicrobial sticky notes.

All products are manufactured in Germany and coated with the high-quality solvent-free and water-based micro-tac adhesive. This adhesive is produced under constant quality controls in the company’s own laboratory.

Other new additions to the sticky notes range include inFO Nature Notes made from 100% recycled paper and packed in environmentally friendly cardboard boxes. These sustainable sticky notes and page markers are Blue Angel certified and come in various colours and sizes.

In addition, some of the conventional products are plastic-free. For example, the FSC-certified brilliant sticky notes are available in a film-free cardboard box.