Fellowes AutoMax 100M mini-cut shredder

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As security breaches continue to rise across many industries, security experts advise that data protection should cover paper data. The new AutoMax 100M mini-cut shredder by Fellowes offers first-line defence for small businesses looking to destroy paper documents on-site.

The AutoMax100 is a hybrid shredder that can be used for either automatic or manual shredding and is ideal for deskside use. It has a 100-sheet auto feed capacity and a 10-sheet manual feed capacity (based on 70gsm paper). The mini-cut feature means that each sheet is shredded into over 1,500 particles, offering a security level of P4, which is four times more secure than a standard cross-cut shredder.

The Fellowes AutoMax 100M can shred paper, credit cards, staples and paper-clips. It includes innovative features such as SilentShred for shared work environments and Auto Reverse for frustration-free shredding without paper jams.