Evoko Pusco

Detailed Information

Evoko has launched the Evoko Pusco, a complete all-in-one solution for beautiful and efficient public space communication. Designed to stand out wherever it is placed, Pusco presents information in an appealing and engaging way, increasing customer satisfaction, employee motivation and efficiency.

The concept behind Pusco is to revolutionise public space communication, presenting information in a dynamic way that avoids dull content on a screen. From design features such as customisable accent lighting and striking wooden legs, all the way through to the simple user interface, each element helps to instantly engage passers-by at one quick glance.

Managing, setting-up and personalising an Evoko Pusco is quick and simple, requiring the plug-in of just two cables before users are ready to start uploading content. Ensuring the unit fits the brand is a simple matter of selecting a theme, a background image and matching the accent lighting to the company colours.

From there a series of ready-made templates makes it possible for anybody in the organisation to create the impact they’re after without the help of specialist resources such as graphic designers, technicians or the marketing department. Different people in the organisation can be responsible for updating just the content they are responsible for.

The purposes the Evoko Pusco can then be put to are endless and limited only by the imagination of those creating the content. For example, companies, can use their Evoko Pusco to greet customers in the reception or to drive employee engagement through project updates and dashboards. They can share their company values, twitter feed, latest news or an overview of available meeting rooms.

The Evoko Pusco is immediately available in two model types, the Pusco Floor and the Pusco Wall, both of which are sold at a one-time cost per unit with no licencing costs or subscription fees.