Evogen High Capacity No-Touch Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser

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Hospeco Brands Group
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The patent-pending Evogen® High Capacity No-Touch Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser (EVNT1-HCW) from Hospeco Brands Group now holds up to 250 seat covers, accommodating two refill packs. Users simply wave a hand near the clearly marked sensor on the face of the dispenser to receive a fresh, ready-to-use, individual seat cover.

The increased capacity translates into cost savings for high-traffic facilities by cutting down on service time for maintenance staff. Other time-saving features built into the unit include a flashing red light on the front of the dispenser that indicates when it’s time to refill, which is achieved via easy front loading.

Further, an easy-read power indicator light near the battery housing alerts staff when it is time to replace the four AA batteries (green: full power; orange: half power; red: replace). Finally, the automated single-dispense mechanism helps ensure less waste than manual-pull dispensers.

The dispenser is fully contained, with no unhygienic pre-displaying of product. All seat covers are kept clean inside the dispenser. Then, with a wave of a hand, a single cover is dispensed automatically, in full and ready to use – not folded and with no tabs to tear.

The single-sheet and ready-to-use presentation of toilet seat covers answers a long-sought design change – eliminating waste associated with users quickly grabbing multiple seat covers or ripping them as they dispense from a traditional half-fold dispenser.

By design, the seat covers inside are tailor made for true one-at-a-time automated dispensing, using the highest-quality flushable paper for a superior sanitary barrier.

The Evogen High Capacity No-Touch Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser is a proprietary dispenser that will only work with the Evogen Toilet Seat Cover refill packs.