Ergotron Thermal Imaging Cart

Detailed Information

Ergotron has launched the Thermal Imaging Cart with Onboard Power designed to quickly detect a temperature in spaces where groups of people gather.

Ergotron’s Thermal Imaging Cart provides total flexibility. The cart’s open architecture allows for customers to mount their thermal imaging camera of choice facing forward or backward depending on the application or to accommodate privacy considerations.

The easy-to-clean mobile cart is compact and fits in small spaces so it can travel to wherever it’s needed. Optional accessories like a sani-wipes holder make disinfection simple and the onboard LiFe battery technology provides a safe and reliable charge.

In addition to the Thermal Imaging Cart with Onboard Power, a Thermal Imaging Cart with Hot Swap Power is also available to order. Hot swap power, with Ergotron’s innovative LifeKinnex Technology, allows for uninterrupted workflows.