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The edding EcoLine series is our environmental friendly marker series featuring highlighters, permanent-, whiteboard- and flipchart markers. It does not only offer 100% proven edding quality but is also a sustainable solution that is kind to the environment.

The range includes the permanent markers edding 21 and 22, the whiteboard markers edding 28 and 29 , the flipchart markers edding 31 and 32 and the highlighter edding 24 . At least 90 % of the total plastic parts of the permanent-, whiteboard- and flipchart markers are made from recycled material.

Thanks to continous research and development, the cap and the barrel of the edding 24 highlighter are now even made from at least 90% renewable resources.

All EcoLine markers are refillable. Spare nibs are available for the permanent-, whiteboard- and flipchart markers. The EcoLine series offers high performance markers featuring the “gentlest” solvents currently available. Water-based ink is used for highlighters and the flipchart markers, alcohol-based ink for the permanent- and whiteboard markers.

The launch of edding’s EcoLine range also demonstrates the company’s unwavering commitment to the environment at product level. This successful product series combines a host of eco-friendly attributes. edding’s commitment to the environment isn’t merely confined to its EcoLine range, but extends to its entire product portfolio: most markers and pens are refillable, avoiding any unnecessary waste. Products can be used for longer thanks to refill systems, spare cartridges and spare nibs.