Durable NO TOUCH Sensor Bins

Detailed Information

DURABLE is introducing a series of contact-free waste containers. The NO TOUCH Sensor Bins come in four different sizes, with capacities from 6 to 35 litres.

The sensor is activated by waving your hand over the lid of the waste container. The lid opens and waste can be thrown away without touching the bin. The lid slowly closes again automatically after five seconds with the time displayed. The sensor and display are battery-powered and can also be used manually.

Beautiful and practical

There is a good reason for the new DURABLE Sensor Bins’ rectangular design! Anyone who has ever thrown out A4 pages or magazines in their wastepaper basket knows that rectangular containers just fit more in them. The outer bin is made of brushed stainless steel, not only to give it a premium look, but it also won’t show fingerprints – a practical feature, as every waste container needs to be emptied at some time.

The plastic inner bin has a handle for easy removal and bin liners can be secured in place to prevent them slipping. The anti-slip base ensures that the bin won’t topple over and it is easy to clean and can even be disinfected if necessary.