DAMS - Hushhubs

Detailed Information

Hushhubs Acoustic Hubs are the latest addition to Dams Furniture’s Social Spaces™ portfolio.

These Acoustic Hubs are designed with the biophilic idea of a return to the natural world as its basis: using high quality European Oak, acoustic glass, natural fabrics and recyclable materials to create a multi-purpose space where people can gather and communicate, teach and learn, think and concentrate.

Biophilia – the relationship between humans and nature – is a new buzzword. Coined in the 1980s by Edward O. Wilson, it concerns the need that we have to be continually connected to nature. There are plenty of studies to back up this concept, but probably, even without the science behind it, most people would concur that connecting with the natural world around us is restorative and calming.

Natural light, natural colours and natural products all work together in these new hubs to create the optimum environment for productivity and creativity. The beauty of the Hushhub and the different hub sizes available is that they can be adapted and customised to fit any office requirements, creating multiple working zones in one place, and they’re ideal for use in open plan offices and other places which need private space within a larger area. Improved acoustics in the workplace environment also leads to improved productivity and employee well-being.

“Acoustic pods are ten a penny. Google those words and you are spoilt for choice with a wide range of office pod manufacturers,” said Managing Director, Chris Scott. “But an acoustic Hushhub, that’s something a bit special, more unique. Not only more aesthetically pleasing to look at, natural products are more tactile, wellness-centred, homely, and when it comes to good acoustics, measurably more effective.”

Hushhubs cater for the changing nature of the workplace and they’re featured in the new Social Spaces™ catalogue featuring over 40 unique, designer furniture collections, designed and manufactured in the UK by Dams Furniture.