D-Link Group Temperature Screening Camera

Detailed Information

D-Link has launched the Group Temperature Screening Camera (DCS-9500T), an all-in-one, intelligent fever screening kit that comes complete with dual-lens thermographic camera, blackbody calibrator and management software.

The DCS-9500T combines thermal imaging technology with AI to identify if a person is experiencing elevated temperatures, and raises the alarm automatically should this be detected.

Engineered specifically for monitoring large, busy areas – such as schools, factories, office buildings, airports or hospitals – the technology provides fast skin-surface temperature detection for up to 30 individuals simultaneously at a >0.3°C accuracy.

The all-in-one fever screening device includes a high accuracy camera with a wide-angle thermal lens, as well as an uncooled IRFPA 400×300 microbolometer high-resolution thermal sensor, allowing for razor-sharp thermal imaging and precise results when identifying those with a temperature.

Together with the Full HD optical imaging sensor, the camera can create exceptional high-quality footage that overlays both thermal and optical images into one.

The DCS-9500T Group Temperature Screening Camera features include:

  • Temperatures of up to 30 people, measured simultaneously in real-time, within 30ms
  • Dual-lens with high-resolution (400 x 300 pixels) thermal sensor and Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) CMOS sensor
  • Temperature accuracy ±0.3°C
  • Sound alarm alert with 2 x alarm out interfaces
  • Snapshot with temperature reading
  • Facial recognition
  • Alarms for strangers and known people (against a preloaded database)
  • Ability to set a temperature range
  • Temperature searches
  • Management software can manage up to 32 cameras