COLOP – Printer series

Detailed Information

The new Printer is available with a black or white frame colour as standard. The actual colour, however, is not bestowed upon the product until the desired ImageCard is inserted. Therefore, up to eight different variations result that can be composed of the colours black, white, red, green, yellow and blue.

Initially, the new Printer will be available in the most important sizes: 20 (14 x 38 mm), 30 (18 x 47 mm) and 40 (23 x 59 mm). Further sizes will complete the range.

2014 sees the launch of the seventh generation of COLOPs best-selling self-inking stamp – the Printer, an impressive development due to its unique, modern design and numerous technical innovations and enhancements.

The real highlight is the opportunity to create the design for the XXL image window. It covers almost the entire stamp and therefore offers nearly boundless possibilities. Whether used for photos, QR codes, company logos or typography, COLOP’s bestseller always provides the right solution for (almost) all desires. To support this, COLOP has developed two new interesting software tools for the B2B sector and end users, allowing the extra-large ImageCard to be personalised on both the front and the rear.