COLOP Protect Kids Stamp

Detailed Information

COLOP has developed the new “Protect Kids Stamp” in response to the current COVID-19 crisis.

With the new stamp, COLOP is offering parents a creative aid to help children follow the hygiene directives. An imprint on the palm of the hand, with dermatologically certified stamp ink, reminds children to wash their hands regularly.

In keeping with the motto “stamp, wash, protect,” an imprint of the Protect Kids Stamp is applied to the back and/or to the inside of the child’s hand soon after getting up in the morning. The “virus monster” imprint is intended to motivate children in a playful way to wash their hands regularly throughout the day.

If everything has been done correctly, the imprint should no longer be visible in the evening, because after about five washes it is completely washed off.

Of course, using the Protect Kids Stamp is not a substitute for all other recommended measures, but rather a practical and playful support. Every stamp is delivered with a dermatologically certified stamp ink. The ink used is harmless to the skin. Each stamp holds for up to approx. 3,000 imprints or, in the case of making five to six imprints daily, for around 500 days.