COLOP – Pocket stamp plus 20

Detailed Information

It was over ten years ago that COLOP introduced the first of its smart pocket stamps for everyday use. This year a new pocket stamp, the Pocket Stamp Plus, has been launched – an innovation that will take this successful concept to the next level.

In terms of technology, it is the automatic slide mechanism that really stands out. When you first use the stamp, you will immediately notice that it can be easily opened, used and closed with just one hand. You no longer need to remove a cap – just slide the stamp and get stamping! Since the stamp consists of just a single part, you no longer need to worry about misplacing the cap etc. Its one-handed operation provides a neat solution and a very simple means to ensure a perfect imprint. Of course, the stamp’s ergonomic design is another key feature – the new Pocket Stamp Plus fits perfectly into your hand from the moment you take hold of it.

Not only has its functionality been improved, the design has also been adapted to meet new modern COLOP standards. Ideal for use when out and about, this new stamp stands out thanks to its streamlined, unassuming, yet modern and distinctive look.

While most of COLOP’s products are geared towards office use, the pocket stamp is intended for a broader target group. The pocket stamp is a product that has an extremely broad range of applications and one that is for example useful to school pupils, doctors, housewives and managers in equal measure.

The new pocket stamp will initially be launched in the most popular size 20 (14 x 38 mm) and is therefore the ideal address stamp wherever you go.

COLOP´s Pocket Stamp Plus will be available in the classic colours black and white, as well as indigo and ruby. For those who like it more colourful, it will be offered in bright, youthful colours like pink, green and yellow.