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Mobile device management solutions firm ChargeTech has introduced a new line of products, CleanCharge by ChargeTech, to address the need to keep workplaces, schools and businesses virus free.

As we return to schools and offices, CleanCharge offers a multi-product solution to keep tech devices charged, stored and clean with chemical-free disinfection. The initial products in the new line include UV-C Clean and Charge Carts 2.0, the 54K Battery Pack with Antimicrobial Protection, the Swift UV Cell Phone Disinfector, the CleanCharge Laptop Sleeve with ViralOff and the Chillz Mask with ViralOff.

Product offerings:

UV-C Clean and Charge Carts Generation 2.0
These high-capacity units can clean and charge up to 40 laptops, Chromebooks, or tablets at once and are available in several sizes, including one shelf (10 bay), two shelves (20 bay), three shelves (30 bay) and four shelves (40 bay). Each shelf can Charge, Store and Disinfect up to 10 laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, phones, ChargeTech battery packs and other similar sized electronic devices. The dividers can easily be removed and reconfigured for optimal disinfection of a wide variety of items. The current generation (2.0) comes with a highly-reflective stainless steel interior for improved UV-C exposure.

Swift UV, Swift XL and Swift Mini
The Swift suite of chemical-free, disinfection-only products is ideal for keeping a wide range of items pathogen-free including mobile phones, tablets, CB radios, stethoscopes and headsets. Simple to use, Swift devices come equipped with an intuitive interface to quickly start a 15-30 second disinfection cycle. The Swift UV is a particularly significant addition to the CleanCharge line, as it can disinfect a cellphone in as little as 15 seconds with patented UV-C technology.

Antimicrobial battery packs – AM27K and NEW AM54K
ChargeTech is introducing the antimicrobial version of its 54K Dual AC Battery Pack (AM54K), the first truly portable AC power bank that allows you to power anything, anywhere. Laptops, lights, phones, tablets, speakers and more. Compatible with any device that requires 250 watts or less through a standard wall plug (provides two AC wall outlets). Compatible with all USB devices.

CleanCharge laptop sleeve with ViralOff
The antiviral laptop sleeves are designed for anyone who uses and transports laptop computers on a regular basis including students, teachers, parents, and employees of all kinds. These sleeves are infused with ViralOff’s biocidal active ingredients which have been tested with a standard ISO18184:2019 test, showing its effectiveness in textile materials to eradicate viruses. In this test, textiles treated with ViralOff successfully killed 99% of viruses including Influenza, H1N1, and SARS-CoV-2. 

Chillz Mask with ViralOff
This 3-layered mask is made with highly-breathable performance fabric that is infused with cooling mica crystals to keep the wearer comfortable for hours of use. The fabric is made from Repreve recycled ocean plastic, and is treated with high-dose ViralOff to kill bacteria and viruses on the surface of the mask. Custom branding options for bulk orders are available.