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C-Line Products has launched into the paper products category with three new lines of paper products.

C-Line’s first new product, the 1-Subject Notebook, comes in an assortment of colours including black, blue, green, orange, purple, red and yellow. With a colourful, durable cover, the notebook is easy to spot across the room, plus it can easily colour-code projects. The 70-page spiral-bound notebook is available in both college and wide ruled formats. The pages are perforated and 3-hole punched to fit into standard 3-ring binders.

The 100-page Composition Notebook has front and back covers which are a stylish black marble design. The inside back cover features metric unit conversions, a multiplication chart and fraction/decimal information. The inside front cover has a table to record a schedule.

The 100 sheet pack of Filler Paper offers durable 3-hole punched pages which are perfect for taking class or meeting notes or creating a weekly to-do list. As with C-Line’s 1-Subject Notebooks, the Filler Paper easily fits into 3-ring binders.