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    What is a printer maintenance kit?

    Worn printer roller padding, paper dust and abrasive toner can reduce print quality and cause paper jams as well as premature wearing on gears. The Printer Maintenance Kit contains parts recommended by the OEM that should be changed periodically to prevent downtime of the printer.

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    • Genuine OEM

    • Best In Class Manufactured

    • Pre-Tested and Certified New Compatible

    About Our Printer Maintenance Kits

    • Tested certified to OEM standards.

    • Fully supported by factory warranty.

    • Repairs utilize original factory designs, manufacturing, and test fixtures.

    • Complete with Installation Instructions

    • Available with OEM or NEXTGENN parts

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    Which spare parts does a maintenance kit contain?

    The printer manufacturers often perform life tests in order to find out which parts typically wear out or have to be replaced as well. Correspondingly, the contents of maintenance kit can be very different. The following parts may be included:

    • Transfer, pick-up and feeding roller

    • Transfer Roller Assembly

    • Plastic hook tool to remove the transfer roller

    • Fusing assembly

    • Separation pad

    • Feed-roller-unit

    • Feeding unit

    • Cooling fan

    • MP pick-up roller

    • PC pick-up roller

    • LC pick-up roller

    • Installation tools

    • Instructions

    • Gloves