Apogee AutoMail

Detailed Information

Businesses can now transform their mailing processes with Apogee’s ingenious new software: AutoMail.

In the past, sending business mail like statements, invoices, or service reminders has been a time-consuming and costly chore, requiring expensive hardware and employee’s valuable time to print, enclose, and post the documentation. Apogee’s AutoMail reduces – and at times eliminates – the need for printers, toners, envelopes, and franking machines.

Compatible with familiar applications such as Microsoft Word/Excel, Apogee customers create their mailings as normal, selecting File>Print before choosing their preferred mailing option. Apogee then processes the documents in their secure mailing facilities, (accredited to ISO 27001 and fully compliant with GDPR requirements) printing on crisp, white paper before using a high frequency machine to envelope the documentation. The letter is then delivered as usual by your local postal service.

In addition to peace of mind that a business’s letters are being processed on highly secure premises, customers can benefit from postal discount rates – even if only sending a low volume of mail.

For enhanced control, AutoMail provides businesses with the ability to set user specific permissions which means control over who prints and mails letters, and whether they print them in colour or mono (or both) and mail using 1st or 2nd class.