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ALSO is now offering its partners a highly efficient platform technology that will make cloud streaming much more attractive, faster and less expensive throughout Europe both for videos, music and online games and for the virtualisation of data-intensive B2B applications such as 3D printing.

All content and any software can be virtualised, entirely irrespective of the provider. That will enable service providers and telcos to offer their content on a subscription basis comparable to the offers of leading global technology enterprises. Users can then easily subscribe to content, buy or borrow it, downloading it to all Internet-enabled devices – and paying only for what they actually use.

The virtualisation platform enables content to be provided from the cloud in very high quality (Full HD) with very low latencies and very little computing capacity. So users can subscribe to, purchase or borrow content on demand in excellent image and audio quality.

At present there is no comparable product in the market with anywhere near as good a price-performance ratio. Content can be streamed directly via all Internet-enabled devices.