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AF International has launched the revolutionary Magic Tack Duster. The brand-new cleaning cloth, utilises resin technology to capture dust particles and hold onto them, preventing the dust from being released back into the atmosphere and dispersing onto objects such as surfaces, furniture and floors.

Whenever you clean your workstation for instance, moving your PC to check for dust bunnies, you often re-distribute some of the dust without even realising. The Magic Tack Duster is an entirely different type of dusting cloth and it does not require liquid or spray products. Simply dust the surface and the light, resin coated cloth will wipe away dust and hold it, ensuring that dust particles do not escape into the atmosphere.

Each pack contains 25 non-woven, extra-large cloths measuring a generous 40 x 45cm. The superior snag resistant quality is ideal for use in the office but also within the household such as along skirting boards, wooden or metallic blinds, door frames and even underneath furniture.