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Launching the only natural fibre, biodegradable wipe that is enclosed in 100% recyclable packaging, Aero Healthcare is leading the way for safety and the environment. First to solve a real–world need, the eco-friendly hand and surface wipes provide 99.99% protection against bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus, while also enabling full eco-friendly disposal of both the wipe and packaging.

Made from compostable biodegradable fibres, the biodegradable wipes are tested to European Standard efficacies. Covering bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal, chemical disinfectants and antiseptic abilities, the wipes provide a cost effective single solution for protecting employees and helping the environment, while not compromising on safety.

The new antimicrobial wipes are gently fragranced and impregnated with anti-bacterial and virucidal lotion to give exceptional and comprehensive protection.