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Acer has launched its new PL and SL series projectors – the Acer PL6610 (WUXGA), PL6510 (1080p), SL6610 (WUXGA) and the SL6510 (1080p) – powered by laser light sources, with the SL series offering short throw projection in tight spaces such as classrooms, and the PL series for customers who are less space conscious.

Designed for customers looking for a reliable, low maintenance projector solution, they are optimised for large venues and demanding commercial and educational applications.

Laser light source

The Acer PL and SL series projectors offer stunning picture quality, life-like colors, and incredible efficiency thanks to the innovative laser diode. Beyond picture quality, the PL and SL projectors’ laser diodes have a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours, lasting far longer than traditional projector lamps. With no lamp to burn out, it greatly reduces lamp replacement costs and hassle. Aside from being more durable, it turns on and off almost instantly, saving customers time. The laser light engine is also mercury-free, eliminating the potential pollution from mercury lamp disposal and making it the environmentally friendly choice.  

Intense brightness and colours

At a brightness of 5,000 lumens, the Acer PL and SL series projectors keep images sharp and clear in the daylight, from a distance, or while projecting inside a large venue. With projection this crisp and bright, even the finest details will be clearly visible to audiences. The laser light source lets viewers enjoy outstanding colour performance with 75% NTSC wide colour gamut, creating vibrant visuals and delivering consistent colour saturation.  

The Acer PL and SL series projectors offer 1.6X zoom for a wide range of throw distances. The normal lens (PL series) and short throw lens (SL series) options enhance installation flexibility and diversify placement options. Without the need to move furniture or damage infrastructure with wall mounts and other installation procedures, users can easily turn any space into a cinema or presentation venue. Two built-in 10W speakers provide powerful sound, eliminating the need for external speakers.

Single-cable installation with HDBaseT and control over LAN

The PL6610 is compatible with HDBaseT input, a standard that uses a single cable to send and receive audio and video, Ethernet, controls, and power, thereby eliminating clutter, simplifying installation and reducing infrastructure costs. The signal can be transmitted through a single LAN cable for up to 100 m/328 ft. The PL and SL series projectors are compatible with the Crestron® Network System so users can centrally control many projectors within one PC, useful for operations such as turning off all projectors in different classrooms at the same time.