Samstag, 18 Mai, 2024

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HP ändert seine Haltung zu wiederaufbereitetem Verbrauchsmaterial

As the European Union moves towards regulation related to the circular economy, HP Inc is to cooperate with remanufacturers in the region. Details of an HP...

Langstane bestätigt Geschäftsführerwechsel

Leading UK independent dealer Langstane has confirmed that Mark Campbell will take over as Managing Director in June. The news is not a surprise. In January,...

Konica Minolta und NEC Platforms entwickeln recycelte Kunststoffe

Konica Minolta has teamed up with fellow Japanese manufacturer NEC Platforms for a recycled plastics initiative. As a result of their cooperation, the firms have started...

Paperwise ernennt International Sales Manager

Environmentally friendly paper and packaging products supplier Paperwise has appointed Maurice Schijns as International Sales Manager. Schijns joined the company on 1 May after spending the...

AOPD berichtet über die Jahrestagung

National accounts organisation AOPD held its annual Engage meeting in Florida last week. Below is AOPD’s PR: The AOPD Annual Meeting provides the opportunity for AOPD business...

Imperial Dade übernimmt in Kanada und den USA

Facilities and jan/san distributor Imperial Dade has announced two more acquisitions. The private equity-backed company continues to grow its presence in Canada, with its latest addition...
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