Sunday, 3 December, 2023

Practical help from OPI – the survival of the office products industry during the coronavirus crisis

As the world battles to overcome the coronavirus (COVID-19), the office products industry is being tested like never before.

In response, OPI has launched the COVID-19 Support Group (CSG).

The purpose of the CSG is to share up-to-date information and best practice during these challenging and fast-moving times. History teaches us that every crisis offers opportunities to survive and become stronger but that requires immediate access to data, the sharing of experiences and knowledge, as well as quick fact-based decisions.

The key components of this initiative are:

  • Twice monthly research reports around key metrics in Europe – sales trends, inventory, logistics and cash flow health.
  • One-hour webinars, hosted every two weeks by OPI, to present the industry’s most recent data and provide an opportunity for every participant to ask questions, discuss issues and current business trends (by channel, market and product category), and share best practice.
  • Exclusive access to a closed discussion group on Guild, the world’s leading messaging service for business in terms of privacy, control and sophistication. Solely for senior management at Europe’s leading office products companies, this platform will enable instant communication – as a group or privately – and sharing of ideas and best practice for time-sensitive, critical issues where a two-week gap between webinars is too long.
  • Other components to this programme will be added as the industry transitions from crisis mode to recovery.

More information can be found HERE

Access to all of these initiatives is via a short-term special monthly membership (which will renew automatically every month until cancelled by you). The monthly cost to participate is:

  • £90 (about €99 as at 27 March 2020) for companies with annual sales below €10m
  • £180 for companies with sales of €10m-€100m, and
  • £270 for companies above €100m.

Please note that for practical purposes, the group is limited to 100 companies so you are encouraged to sign up early.

In order to choose your membership please select one of the following: 

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