Monday, 10 August, 2020
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      SOFEA AGM 2018

      SOFEA encourages sustainability in the European industry of office supplies. To inspire manufacturers to continuously improve their products and to motivate resellers to communicate about the importance of sustainability. Together the industry is contributing...

      Officeworks BTS 2019


      Lyreco launches new corporate brand identity

      Office products reseller Lyreco has unveiled its new company identity and positioning.

      We are SOFEA


      SCRIBZEE by Oxford – Notebooks

      The free SCRIBZEE app saves your scanned notes in a secure cloud provided by Oxford at no cost. They can then be consulted, edited or shared by any connected device, wherever you may be. SCRIBZEE...

      SCRIBZEE by Oxford


      BIC 4 Colours


      EOPA 2018 Young Professional of the Year winner

      Meet Abdul Khamkar, EU Merchandising Manager at Office Depot Europe and the winner of the Young Professional of the Year award at the 2018 European Office Products Awards that took place in Amsterdam on...

      EOPA 2018 Professional of the Year winner

      Congratulations to Quantore Managing Director Arnold Theuws on being named Professional of the Year at the 2018 European Office Products Awards in Amsterdam on 6 March. OPI spoke to Arnold for his reaction...

      SOFEA rating system

      The SOFEA rating system is pragmatic, transparent and uniform system measuring the product environmental performance of office supplies.The outcome is an A-to-E product rating, where an A stands for a highly innovative product and...

      Think Pink represents Susan G Komen Europe Network

      Susan G. Komen Europe Network’s Mission: Stronger together in the fight against breast cancer. Our mission is to work collaboratively to reduce mortality from breast cancer and support women facing the disease. ...

      European Forum 2017 – Goodbye to Berlin

      Did you miss OPI’s European Forum 2017 in Berlin back in June? If so, where were you?! But don’t worry, here is a three-minute retrospective featuring chats with attendees and an overview of the...

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