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November/December 2021

In this issue of OPI, the focus is on sustainability, including packaging and the circular economy. The Big Interview is Johan Tops from Greenspeed, while the Hot Topic is all about COP26.

Advertorial: Making a difference

Patricia Siebel, responsible for environmental management and CR coordination refers to edding as a purpose-driven company that wants to empower people to be daring, caring and fearlessly authentic – with sustainability at the very...

Event Review: North American Office Products Awards 2021

Of all the in-person events missed over the past 20 months or so, award ceremonies have been among the hardest to replicate in any other format. The buzz and anticipation beforehand, and then the...

Event Review: Climb of Life 2021

On 5 November 2021, OPI once again joined approximately 90 UK industry peers to raise money for the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) after a one-year, in-person event hiatus due to COVID-19. And they...

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