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In this special issue of OPI, the focus is on vendors including the Big Interview with ACCO Brand’s Cezary Monko and a look at exceptional manufacturers in the industry. The Hot Topic is all about dynamic pricing.

Event: City of Hope

Every year, the National Business Products Council hosts the annual City of Hope Tour and Hall of Fame Dinner. And every year senior executives from across the industry come together in Pasadena (CA) for...

Big Interview: The best of both worlds

ACCO Brands’ 2017 move to acquire Esselte Holdings led to the creation of a new $600 million business unit formally known as ACCO Brands EMEA. Responsibility for the division was handed to the experienced former...

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Big Read

Podcast: One-to-ones from the Amazon Business ABX conference

What are the priorities for Amazon Business UK? Why did a large public sector customer turn to Amazon Business during the COVID-19 crisis? Listen to...