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Jan/san special with interviews, analysis and insight on this increasingly-important product category. We take a close look at the hurdles facing the Staples/Office Depot merger and interview Office Partners CEO Jim Hebert.

Editor’s Comment

We focus on the increasingly important jan/san category this month in the latest of our ‘Special’ issues. Apparently, there are office resellers out there that have yet to embrace the notion that selling jan/san...

Sponsored Article: Adding value

Evolution has taught us that it is not always the strongest or biggest that survive and thrive, but those that are able to adapt to changes in the environment. For the past 28 years, Hopax...

Big Interview: Family man

Not one to put himself in the spotlight, Office Partners founder and CEO Jim Hebert nevertheless found himself on the stage at this year's SP Richards (SPR) ABC show when he was presented with the...

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