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The bumper June edition of OPI includes a special feature celebrating the 250th issue, an exclusive interview with Amazon Business VP Prentis Wilson and a Big Interview with HiTouch CEO Michael Brown.

Big Interview with Michael Brown

It’s been almost five years since Howard and Michael Brown – who had made Allied one of the most successful dealers in the US before selling it to Office Depot in 2006 – returned to...

Event Review OPI Global Forum 2015: Grasping the nettle

As one delegate pointed out, with all that is happening in our industry at the moment – consolidation, bankruptcies, declining margins, secular declines in traditional categories, changing working habits, Amazon Business, etc – it was...

Big Read

Podcast: Brexit – six months on

Stewart Superior Managing Director Geoff Betts shares his experiences of Brexit from a UK supplier’s point of view. In this episode of OPI Talk, hosted...