Podcast: Opportunities in the videoconferencing category

OPI Talk speaks with Stefan Eriksson, Chief Marketing Officer at videoconferencing equipment and solutions provider Konftel.


When you look at what products and services businesses will need to function efficiently in a hybrid working environment, then a fit-for-purpose audio and video communications system surely makes the list.

Demand in the videoconferencing market has surged in the past couple of years and looks set for a period of sustained growth. For resellers that describe themselves as ‘solutions providers’ and want to go beyond the transactional selling of headsets and webcams, videoconferencing could be an interesting area to look at, particularly as it ties in with adjacencies such as furniture, ergonomics, acoustics, viscom and collaboration tools.

Sweden-based Konftel has specialised in B2B audio solutions for more than three decades, but is something of a ‘new kid on the block’ in videoconferencing. In this episode of OPI Talk, Andy Braithwaite speaks with Stefan Eriksson, Konftel’s Chief Marketing Officer, to find out more about the potential in this growing category.

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