Podcast: Discussing sustainability with Mondi UFP

To coincide with OPI magazine’s Green Thinking issue, News Editor Andy Braithwaite speaks with Mondi’s Bernhard Cantzler about some key sustainability issues in the paper industry.


If you are an OPI subscriber, you should have seen or even received the latest issue of OPI magazine, which is our annual Green Thinking issue.

In keeping with that sustainability theme, for this podcast, News Editor Andy Braithwaite spoke with Bernhard Cantzler, the Marketing and Sales Director for Mondi’s Uncoated Fine Paper (UFP) business in the EMEA region.

While many are quick to point out the environmental benefits of paper, this podcast covers some of the thornier issues related to paper making, including the use of recycled versus virgin fibres, processes such as de-inking and bleaching, and the use of carbon offsetting to achieve sustainability goals.

More on Mondi UFP’s sustainability initiatives can be found here.

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