Podcast: OPI Talk’s 50th episode, with Robert Baldrey

Well-known senior executive Robert Baldrey discusses the state of the European business products market.


Robert Baldrey featured in the pilot episode of OPI Talk that was recorded in July 2020. Now, 16 months later, he’s back for what is the 50th episode having recently completed his stint at Office Depot Europe following the sale of its remaining assets to RAJA – a deal that officially closed on 1 November.

In this episode, Baldrey talks about the impact that Staples and Office Depot have had on the European business products channel, changes brought about by COVID, and the rise of Amazon. He also looks ahead to the OPI European Forum Online on 1-2 December, at which he will be moderating a panel on dealing with the current inflationary pressures.

Click on the play button below to listen to the interview.