Tuesday, 7 April, 2020
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Hot Topic: Virtual reality check

Virtual reality (VR) as a technology is now making significant inroads into everyday life and hardly a day goes by without the mainstream media...

Category Update: Core stability

It's an undisputed fact that sales of core office products have been under significant pressure for several years. Yet, although vendors and resellers aren't...

5 mins with… Savannah Guernsey

Describe yourself in one sentence.I don't like to sit still, physically or mentally.  What's your most prized possession? If I had to pick something, it...

Final Word from Anil Abrol

I read with great interest last month's Plastic Soup Hot Topic where Michelle Sturman pointed out that the world is awash with single-use plastic packaging. Thankfully,...

How To… Managing in a crisis

In the first part of this guide in the May issue of OPI, I talked about the importance of being open and honest in...

A digital detox


Surviving the Amazon


It’s time to reconsider cubicles

Open office layouts are undoubtedly a big talking point in office design these days. They were supposed to be the future – bright and...

One of those days


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