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Planning your return to the office: how to welcome back your employees

As many people begin to return to the office, there is likely to be a mixture of emotions. For some, there is the excitement of engaging face-to-face for the first time in over a year. For others, a feeling of apprehension because working from home has allowed them to spend more time with their families.

For businesses looking to make their employees’ return easier, environmental and operational changes need to be implemented to ensure colleagues feel at ease.

When challenges arise, you can adapt and survive, or innovate and thrive

For some businesses, the return to ‘normality’ is aligned to the government’s roadmap, and most now targeting a July reopening. Whenever it happens, organisations will be identifying ways to adapt to the ‘new normal’.

Since lockdown, the challenge for many has been maintaining innovation and ideas. There is an opportunity for businesses to empower individuals. Working in the same office enables employees to have instant, face-to-face conversations that often spark fresh ideas. This opens a business up to doing things differently and, importantly, better.

According to a recent report from Nespresso, 35% of UK employees are keen to return to the office if the conditions are right. The shifting expectations and needs of staff will see businesses reconsider the purpose of the physical space in future. One-fifth (19%) of those surveyed in the report see the future of the office space as vital for socialising and creative thinking – companies need to adapt to support these requirements.

Returning to the office is likely to increase chances for collaboration, and this should be embraced and encouraged by businesses where possible.

Harnessing technology

Improving technology presents businesses with opportunities to be innovative. The latest tech such as AI and blockchain can empower businesses to capture and analyse data, create products faster, and realise revenue quicker. Technology can also enable employees to unwind and feel at ease being back in the office.

Nespresso Professional’s cutting-edge touchless innovations for Nespresso Momento mean that employees can enjoy their favourite, quality Nespresso coffee moments safely.

Nespresso Professional knows the best ideas are sometimes ones that blossom from a simple conversation with a colleague. That is why we are focused on helping organisations to create innovations that encourage employees to continue connecting and innovating, whether in the office or working remotely.

Nespresso understands every environment and business will have different coffee needs, which is why we have a range of coffee machines to meet a company’s unique requirements.

From Zenius, Vertuo and Momento, to Gemini and Aguila, Nespresso has coffee machines to suit differing employees. To meet the ever-growing health and safety considerations of employees returning to the office, Nespresso Momento Coffee & Milk machines harness touchless technology. This means colleagues will not have to touch the screen to start the coffee brewing process, helping to reduce any hygiene concerns.

Sustainability is key

As many organisations prepare to transition to new ways of working post-COVID-19, now is the perfect time to implement greener measures in the workplace. One in five businesses (19%) agree that attracting and retaining the best people for their brand is a motivator for implementing sustainable practices. It is also something that people are eager to see from their employers.

Nespresso machines are designed with sustainability in mind, which is why our packaging is made of 95% recycled materials, and our machines use precision consumption – the specific amount of water and energy to brew the perfect cup of coffee.

A happy employee is a productive employee

Businesses must make sure they are surpassing employees’ basic needs to do their job, with 34% expecting premium food and drink offerings as well as a wide variety of at-home benefits, including health and wellness support and other rewards to help workers be productive and thrive in their role. Nespresso Professional has recently launched three new coffee blends that are ideal for office professionals – Bianco Delicato, Bianco Intenso and Ice Intenso – all expertly crafted to meet the growing demand for personalised taste experiences.

The Creations coffee range allows professionals to enjoy a wide variety of recipes from around the world. Alongside these three new coffees, Creations also features Nespresso’s popular flavoured blends (Espresso Caramel and Espresso Vanilla), meaning there is the perfect coffee to cater for a variety of tastes in the office.

By making certain physical and operational changes are considered ahead of employees heading back to the office, businesses not only ensure a smooth return but can also encourage a safe and productive environment for teams to thrive.

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